Competitive Pricing.

Building Engineering undertake thorough risk assessment before tendering. We don’t wait until we get the job before we explore all the possibilities for optimal investment results for our clients. We are confident multiple efficiencies can be built into the tender price from the beginning.


Assured quality.

Project quality is our highest priority. We understand that first class outcomes rely on more than just inspecting work and using good tradesmen. Communication is the key. We have developed highly effective systems to facilitate the exchange between client and sub-contractors. From beginning to end, our transmission of information is timely and accurate.

Furthermore, with a loyal team of subcontractors who understand our construction language, Building Engineering is able to set high standards with confidence. Quite simply, we get our end product right.

Flexibility and commitment.

Building Engineering’s compact company structure allows us unrivalled scope to respond creatively to diverse project requirements. Our unique combination of technical expertise and extensive construction experience gives us a knowledge base from which to think outside the square. We do our own thinking and we back ourselves to find simple, cost effective solutions to suit any scale and complexity.


Sensitivity. It’s not a word you hear often in the building industry, but to us it’s a vital component when working for and amongst businesses that are still operating—during fit-outs for instance, or in dense urban environments. With precision planning, we ensure our clients’ day-to-day operations can continue as normal.

We start every job the same way. We listen. We take the time and invest the effort to understand our client’s requirements; then we devise a project strategy to meet them. Sometimes that is as simple as ensuring site management is flexible; sometimes it means implementing customised systems to manage complex solutions. Our focus is always to manage every aspect of the project
to achieve your goals.

On time,
on budget.

Reliability is the bottom line. It is the core principle of all our relationships. Our clients, consultants and sub-contractors know they can trust us to do what we say.

Building Engineering’s team experience extends to all aspects of the industry—from representing clients to directing major construction projects. We know what is possible and how to achieve it. Productivity and efficiency are built in at the planning stage of every project we undertake. We set realistic time-frames. We expect the unexpected and calculate for it.

An immaculate record.

The first step in insulating our clients from risk is ensuring site safety. Our track record speaks for itself. We do everything in our power to ensure incident-free sites and we engage a third party to independently audit the safety
of every project site.

Building Engineering is proud of its strong relationships with consultants and subcontractors. Our industrial relations record is second to none. We take care to monitor closely the changing industrial landscape and are proactive in pursuing productive outcomes.

Precision planning.

Our management team includes qualified engineers. We’re experts at identifying issues unique to particular projects. We design and implement delivery strategies that solve problems before they occur. Building Engineering’s company structure is designed to escalate responsibility when issues require resolution—obstacles are dealt with immediately and authoritatively, before they impact on budget or timelines.


to detail.

We believe the most important details are in the conduct of our professional relationships. Successful plans, instructions, logistics and cost-efficiencies can all rely on getting the smallest things right. 

Our most fundamental role is to administer contracts with care and precision to protect our clients from risk. Directors Tom Basel and Chris Doufas personally oversee management of all construction projects and work directly with our clients.

Build with confidence.

Realising your vision is exciting and fulfilling.

At Building Engineering, we see a building project as an opportunity to realise your hopes for the future and achieve outcomes even better than you imagined. With a disciplined systems approach, great communication and creative thinking, we know it is a process our clients can look forward to with confidence.