About Us

Our Story

We are a certified, award-winning commercial construction company, with headquarters located in Melbourne. Driven by a highly committed team of construction and engineering professionals, we have an outstanding portfolio of projects and a well-established reputation for strong performance, quality workmanship, fair dealing, collaboration, and excellent relations with clients and subcontractors.

Building Engineering commenced operations in Melbourne in 2003. As we celebrated our 20th year at Building Engineering in 2023, we are proud to have successfully delivered over 400 projects to a total value in excess of $1 billion across a wide range of industry sectors.

Proudly Australian and privately owned, Building Engineering delivers successful construction projects with certainty and real value.

Across a wide range of commercial, education, health, community, and industrial projects, we devise cost-effective construction strategies that protect and advance our client’s interests.

From refurbishments and fit-outs to entirely new buildings, Building Engineering produces high-quality results — safely, efficiently, reliably, and at the right price.

Project quality is our highest priority. Our management team includes qualified engineers. We believe our forward planning to “think ahead” is the best in the business. We undertake thorough risk assessments prior to tendering, identifying all possibilities for the best investment results for our clients.

Our impeccable record is defined by the leadership of directors Tom Basel and Chris Doufas, whose partnership and core values underpin all facets of the business. Tom and Chris have worked in close partnership to build a successful, well-respected commercial construction company, with the bulk of our work coming from repeat clients.


People Focussed

Progressive Can-Do Culture

Our progressive culture is defined by the leadership of directors Tom Basel and Chris Doufas. Their partnership and core values underpin all facets of our business. Tom and Chris have invested strongly in a can-do working culture that doesn’t cut corners, believes in the skills and ideas of its people, and inspires excellence. Respecting fairness and responsibility alongside thorough planning and an enduring passion for engineering and architectural design translates to the continued results the business delivers for our clients.

Empowering People

Both in the office and on-site, we place a premium on accountability and honourable dealing. Our management structure is designed to empower staff and encourage transparency. We nurture the legacy of our industry, assisting with the Master Builders Association of Victoria, and advocating for today’s innovations to become the standards of the future.

Decision Making with Clear Communication

Our team believes the key to the success of every project is honest and clear communication between clients, contractors, consultants, and the community. Our team provides leadership and advice through all phases of the project. Effective communication with the client and stakeholder groups is critical to obtaining the necessary information to carefully plan each project.

We provide concise reporting on all aspects of project progress. This provides our clients with the information required to make key decisions and allows the design and planning of the works to progress in accordance with the program.

Our approach is based on our extensive experience in delivering complex projects where the careful staging of works, short and long term planning, experienced personnel and clear communication results in successful project outcomes.


Process Driven

Full Service – Tender to Completion

Building Engineering adopts a collaborative approach to all projects with the goal of delivering exemplary results and maximising cost savings for our clients. Prior to commencement, our executive team formulates key project criteria with all stakeholders, helping to identify construction issues unique to each project.

Upon contract award, all projects are reviewed in detail by our design team in order to identify potential construction and coordination issues. Early identification of these issues allows them to be resolved quickly with minimal to no implications on cost and program.

Adaptability is our strength. Our compact company structure allows us unrivaled scope to respond quickly and creatively to diverse project requirements.

We commit to providing sufficient resources throughout the full term of the project with the ability to scale up our team with internal resources to meet increases in demand at short notice.



Occupational Health and Safety

Building Engineering is fully certified to ISO 45001:2018: Occupational Health & Safety Management System. The safety, health, and well-being of our staff, contractors, and those directly involved in or interacting with our business is our highest priority.

We were one of the first Australian construction companies to have our OHS system certified to the new international standard for workplace health and safety.

We take pride in our safety performance and have built an excellent track record of safety management across all our projects.

Quality Management

Building Engineering is certified to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. Over many years we have adopted the policy of ensuring quality is built into everything we do, from the time of tender development and contract award through to design, procurement, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning, delivery, and operation.

Quality is a mindset for our entire team throughout all stages of the build.

Environmental Management

Building Engineering is certified to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems. We are committed to the implementation of sound and effective environmental management practices on all our projects.

We continually seek to improve our environmental impact through the implementation of the efficient use of resources, reduction of emissions and waste, improving our processes and practices, and regular monitoring and reporting.


Programs & Memberships


Building Engineering utilises Procore on all of our projects. Procore is a collaborative cloud-based project management software that enhances communication and collaboration across project teams, including clients and consultants.

The software is available to all team members. Individual project-specific Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) are created within Procore with a number of items inspected across each ITP. This ITP system ensures that works are constructed as specified and limits the number of defects on completion.

Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)

We have been a member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) since 2013. We are closely aligned with GBCA’s core purpose which is to lead the sustainable transformation of the built environment.

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)

Building Engineering is a corporate member of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

Building Engineering is proud to support this Australian, not-for-profit organisation, led by a team of passionate volunteers whom all strive to help champion and empower women in the construction and related industries to reach their full potential.



Building Engineering has a strong financial record.

Since our inception in 2003, we have proudly delivered over 400 projects to a total value in excess of $1 billion across a wide range of industry sectors.

With a depth of experience delivering complex construction projects and an enviable track record of no legal disputes with our clients, our reputation and integrity mean our clients are in safe hands.

As a privately owned construction company in its 20th year of operation, we have no external borrowings, our statutory obligations and relevant insurances are maintained, and our financial reports are audited annually.

We are pre-qualified with the Construction Supplier Register (CSR) for projects up to $45 million under the Commercial, Refurbishment, New Commercial Construction, and Office Fit Out categories.

A strong balance sheet and significant cash reserves support the company’s continued steady growth and capital requirements.


Design Inspired

Collaborate to Innovate

Building Engineering has a dedicated design team who works closely with the project teams to deliver the best project outcomes for our clients.

All projects are reviewed by the design team to identify potential construction and coordination challenges. Early identification of these challenges allows them to be resolved quickly, minimising cost and program implications.

Our team offers a positive and collaborative working environment with our clients, key stakeholders, and project design teams.

Emphasis on design intent and quality provides the opportunity to deliver innovative design solutions in complex construction projects.

The design team has significant experience in architectural and services design, optimising delivery, and implementing effective value management measures to meet project outcomes.

We use best practices in the industry including Building Information Modelling (BIM) for design coordination and sequencing of works.

With a diverse set of skills and hands-on experience in sustainability, with Passivhaus certification and Green Star, the team will analyse design changes and advise design impact.

This process streamlines the project delivery and ensures optimal results for our clients.

Our teams are collaborators and thrive on continual improvement and developing strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Our team has a strong and effective communication style, ensuring our clients are kept informed throughout all stages of design and delivery.