Building Engineering brings a vision to modern commercial construction that not only sets new standards in quality and procedures, but shapes the nature of the industry into the future.

Since inception, we have implemented strategies that embed best practice thinking at every level of the organisation. We actively seek out architectural challenges and technical complexities, undertaking a diversity of projects to expand our understanding of what is achievable.

We continually examine new ways to improve. Whether that is taking the initiative to achieve FSC accreditation, or pioneering an online management platform, we think ahead and invest accordingly.

Both in the office and on site, we place a premium on accountability and honourable dealing. Our management structure is designed to empower staff and encourage transparency. We nurture the legacy of our industry, assisting with the Master Builders Association of Victoria, and advocating for today's innovations to become the standards of the future – like sustainable, zero carbon footprint buildings.

Our proud record is defined by the leadership of directors Tom Basel and Chris Doufas, whose partnership and core values underpin all facets of the business. Respecting fairness and responsibility alongside thorough planning and an enduring passion for engineering and architectural design, both Tom and Chris have invested strongly in a can-do working culture that doesn't cut corners, that believes in the skills and ideas of its people, and inspires excellence.