Sages Road Depot

  • Client

    The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

  • Architect

    Searle x Waldron Architecture

  • Location


  • Status


  • Consultants

    Lucid Consulting Australia
    Philip Chun
    Traffix Group
    OPS Engineers
    Global Consulting Engineers

Building Engineering was awarded the Sages Road Depot project in July 2022.

The project scope consists of the construction and fit-out of a new two-storey Northern Memorial Park (NMP) operations depot for the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

This facility will become the main base of operations for NMP and River Red Gum. The depot will house all vehicles, equipment, and tooling for the day-to-day operations of the park.

The description of the work includes:

  • Level 1 – new offices, meeting rooms, lunchroom, collaboration spaces, roof decks, and amenities
  • Ground Floor – vehicle parking, workshops, storage, and amenities
  • External depot works – hardstand, manager parking, paving, and landscaping
  • New vehicle and pedestrian bridge across Campbellfield Creek
  • New staff car park to the West of Campbellfield Creek
  • New spoil bay yard, and new roads along staff car parking and spoil bay yard
  • All new associated fit-out, services, security, landscaping, lighting, and fencing

This project is due to reach completion in July 2024.