Building Engineering cadets and graduates visit Regis Aged Care Project in Camberwell

As part of our commitment to nurturing the next generation of construction industry professionals, the Building Engineering Graduate Program recently organised an immersive site visit for its graduates and cadets. The visit, held at the Regis Aged Care project in Camberwell, provided participants with an exclusive look at the inner workings of one of the largest scale projects Building Engineering currently has under construction.

The Regis Aged Care project is a four-level, contemporary senior living complex designed to meet stringent town planning requirements while enhancing the amenity of its established locale. This impressive project encompasses the delivery of 113 single bedrooms, including a specialised 14-bed dementia care unit, and nine penthouse apartments. The site also features basement car parking, back-of-house facilities, extensive residential amenities, balconies, and meticulously landscaped surroundings.

Led by Project Manager Peter Lauritz and Site Manager Greg Coutts, the site visit showcased the progress of the Regis Aged Care project. Notably, the team observed the installation of precast panels, with 260 panels already in place and 25 more to come. These panels, weighing between 8 to 15 tonnes, are critical to the project’s success.

The site visit shed light on the meticulous planning that goes into the installation of these panels. This includes securing the necessary permits from local authorities, implementing comprehensive traffic management plans for the transportation of the panels, and ensuring compliance with various safety and quality standards. The team learned about the importance of “birth certificates” for the panels, which must be three days old before they are used, and the need for an engineer’s report to guarantee their safe lifting into position.

The crane’s panel lifts were a thrilling experience that provided the participants with practical insights into large-scale construction projects. This visit showcased Building Engineering’s dedication to delivering high-quality construction and educating future professionals.

The Building Engineering Graduate Program offers an 18-month, full-time experience for recent graduates in construction, engineering, or architecture. The program exposes participants to various departments within the organisation, building essential values and skills for a successful career in construction.

Building Engineering offers hands-on experience across multiple facets of construction, guided by experienced professionals who promote accountability, fairness, and ethical practices. The program continues to foster the growth of emerging professionals and develop industry leaders.

In the coming months, Building Engineering is excited to offer more site visits, allowing graduates and cadets to explore diverse projects at various construction stages. These visits are valuable learning experiences that deepen participants’ understanding of the construction industry. Building Engineering is committed to the growth and development of emerging professionals and looks forward to further enriching their journeys in the field.

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