Building Engineering implements cutting-edge robotic demolition method for 380 St Kilda Road

As National Work Safe Month enters its final week, we celebrate the theme of “Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.” In this spirit, Building Engineering has made significant strides in promoting safety and health in the workplace through its pioneering use of robotic demolition technology.

At their 380 St Kilda Road project, Building Engineering has employed cutting-edge robotic demolition technology to revolutionise the way we think about construction safety. Instead of traditional methods that involve cutting or jackhammering concrete slabs, this innovative technology “crunches” them, offering a myriad of safety benefits.

The implementation of this robotic demolition method has not only made the workplace safer but also demonstrated the power of collaboration and communication in ensuring a secure construction environment. The benefits of this approach are numerous and wide-ranging.

They include a significant reduction in disturbance, vibration, and noise, reduced risk to both the public and workers on-site, easier debris removal, enhanced personnel safety, improved operator safety, minimised environmental impact, and reduced demolition time.

The success of the robotic demolition method at Building Engineering’s 380 St Kilda Road project is not solely attributed to technology. The key to their success lies in effective communication and collaboration with key stakeholders. It is a testament to the importance of involving all parties in decision-making and ensuring a collective commitment to safety.

The journey began with internal workshops in the tender phase, involving the project management team, health and safety team, internal design team, and construction manager overseeing the project. This collaborative effort allowed the team to assess various construction methodologies and make an informed decision in favour of the robotic demolition method.

Additionally, consultation with demolition contractors during the tender stage helped in selecting the most-suited contractor for the project, one with vast experience in robotic demolition and commercial projects like 380 St Kilda Road.

The novated design/engineering team and building owners/stakeholders were also consulted to ensure that the methodology was refined and met the safety requirements. This involved sharing details with structural engineers and discussing loading requirements for existing structures.

Regular communication through weekly meetings ensured that the client and building stakeholders were well-informed about demolition activities and timelines. They were also given the opportunity to provide feedback, which Building Engineering took into consideration to reduce the impact on building operations.

Building Engineering’s innovative use of robotic demolition technology at the 380 St Kilda Road project not only sets new safety standards but also exemplifies the power of collaboration and communication in creating a safe and healthy workplace.

As National Work Safe Month draws to an end, this innovative technology and collaborative effort to enhance safety in the construction industry stand as an inspiring example of how collective work can drive groundbreaking advancements in safety.

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