Scotch College Errington Retreat

  • Client

    Scotch College

  • Architect

    Cox Architecture

  • Location


  • Status


  • Consultants

    DDH Quantity Surveyors
    REDD Consulting
    Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

Building Engineering is thrilled to unveil the Scotch College Errington Retreat project, a distinct addition to the boarding precinct. This parent retreat and community center, situated at the heart of the campus, serves as a hub for parents, families, and boys to connect in a relaxed and convivial setting.

The retreat reflects Building Engineering’s dedication to fostering a sense of community within the school, allowing for meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

The recently completed Senior Boarding Building and the Boarders Retreat project, were executed concurrently, highlighting the efficiency and collaboration between Scotch College, Cox Architecture, and our construction team. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation that aligns with the educational values of Scotch College.