Regen Mother Baby Alcohol and Drugs Withdrawal Unit

Department of Health and Human Services

Billard Leece Partnership

The first of its kind in Australia, this Centre aims to establish a domestic atmosphere and provide a ‘home-away-from home’ where mothers can find practical support.

The centre is attached to an established withdrawal centre run by Uniting Care ReGen. The new unit occupies a sunny site and is arranged over a single storey, keeping a low profile and reflecting the residential scale of the surrounding streets.

Throughout the centre, there is a focus on natural light, greenery and garden views with floor-to-ceiling glass doors opening the building up to a garden setting. The centre aims to establish a domestic atmosphere and provide a ‘home-away-from-home’ where mothers undertaking the program can find emotional and practical support without being separated from their children.

The building combines a variety of spaces with a focus on family facilities that provide an environment where mothers can take control and manage their own needs. While bedrooms are private, mothers and infants are encouraged to take advantage of the social spaces as much as possible.